A Texas murder case

We had started to teach on a regular basis in a certain city in Texas when we became aware that the chairman of the department of psychology of the local college (it is now a university) was interested in bringing his psychology class to observe our work and comment on it. This they did. Later, a woman who worked as a janitor at the college was murdered in a laboratory at the college and after several months of investigation the police had no clues to go on.

One Monday morning, after we had finished training a group and were packing to move on to another city to train another group, two gentlemen came to talk to us. They were in charge of the detective division of the police department in that city.

These men had been told by the head of the department of psychology that perhaps we could help in finding clues that they could use in their investigation. The officers wanted to know if this was possible.

I said, "Yes, it is. A clairvoyant from his level can regress in time and can know how the person was killed and can describe the murderer. Sometimes the progress is easier when we have a piece of clothing from either the victim or the murderer," I explained. "The clairvoyant just holds the piece of clothing in his hand while getting the information."

The officers asked, "Will you do it for us?" I answered, "No." They wanted to know why and I said, "Because we have sworn that we will never use our method to hurt anybody under any circumstances. If I help you to capture him, you are going to hurt him and that would be our using our method for hurting a human being."

The officers then said, "We feel it is your obligation towards society as much as it is ours to capture this criminal and keep him from hurting others. Besides, he may be sick and in need of help himself. If this is the case, he will be sent to a hospital for treatment and that would stop him from hurting others." "I understand what you are saying," I replied, "but that is your duty to capture criminals and our duty is to train people to develop clairvoyance. How you use it depends on your duties." The police officers then said, "You mean to tell us that you would teach us clairvoyance so then we, ourselves, could use clairvoyance to capture criminals?" I answered, "What you do with it is up to you."

"Well, train us," they said. "How much will it cost?" I said, "For you to use it for that purpose, we will do it free of charge." "We are ready, then," they answered quickly. I then said, "We will be back one month from today to teach another group. You can then be trained." They said, "We would like to be trained now." I said, "Right now, that is impossible. If you had come this past weekend, you would have been trained in the first part of the training. There are four parts to the total training and in this city we teach a part each month. In other cities we start on a Monday night and teach every week night and all day Saturday and Sunday and that way we complete the full training in seven days. But the way we do it in this city, it would take four months."

"We can't wait that long," the officers answered. "Is there any other way of doing it?" I said, "Yes, by following us around from city to city until you complete your training." They said they could not do that either. They were about to leave when one said, "Is there any other way that you could help us?" I said, "Yes." They wanted to know how. "By presenting the case to High Intelligence," I said. At that point, they looked at each other. I could detect a confused appearance on their faces and one said, "You mean like God?" I said, "Yes." Again they looked at each other, still appearing confused. Then one said, "And how long do we have to wait for that?" "Three days," I said. Both officers said at the same time, "Three days?" I said, "Yes, three days." They appeared more confused than ever and, with a tone in their voices as though they were talking to a crank or a loony, they then said, "Let us think about it and we will let you know later. All right?" I said that was all right and they departed.

We kept on going and meeting with our obligations to continue training other groups in other cities. One month later we returned on a Monday to the city where the murder had taken place. In our hotel mail box was a large envelope with pictures of the murdered person in the university laboratory and a campus map indicating the building where the murder had taken place. Along with the pictures and the map was a note saying, "Please do whatever you can to help us." Although there were no signatures on the note, we knew where it came from.

That night I presented the case to High Intelligence.

(Editor's note: This was Mr. Silva's thinking back in the late 1960s. Thirty years later his thinking had evolved and he realized that we need guidance in order to do the jobs we were sent here to do, much as the astronauts on the moon need to communicate frequently with scientists here on earth to make sure they are doing what the scientists back at headquarters want done. The Mental Video Technique is for this purpose. Meanwhile, here is the story of what he did back in the 1960s, which includes waking up during the night, sitting in a certain position - things that are not necessary with the Mental Video Technique. In fact, while working on the first training session to train Silva lecturers to teach the Graduate Seminar, he shrugged off the technique completely when we asked him exactly how to program to get help from higher intelligence. "It just happens," is all he'd say. The next year he developed the Mental Video Technique.)

The only cases we present to High Intelligence are cases that do not respond to any other method used for the correction of problems and cases that we do not want to participate in or be biased on. We consider High Intelligence to be that entity who has problem-solving ability. For example, if a person has the answer to one of my problems and I do not have the answer, that person is situated at a higher level of intelligence than I am, concerning that kind of a problem.

I may be situated at a higher level of intelligence than that same person with regard to a different kind of problem. Whoever has more answers to problems would be situated at a higher and higher level of intelligence, only God is situated at the highest level of intelligence, because God can solve all problems. We creatures of God have been created in the image of our Creator in respect to human intelligence and are using that intelligence to become like our father God by learning to solve more and more problems every day. A problem is anything that hurts the Creator's creation, including his creatures. A person who solves any kind of problem is helping the Creator with creation, so the more problems we learn to solve, the closer we will be to the Creator, on the Creator's side. The more problems we cause, the further away we get from the Creator. We can be closer to the Creator by solving problems than we can by praying all day. When we get to a point where we will be able to solve all problems on this planet, we will then be gods of this planet, the way God is of the universe.

While we are learning to solve more problems every day we are on our way to becoming gods on planet Earth and that means to be able to solve all the planet's problems and the best way we can do it is by first becoming clairvoyant. I believe in a hierarchy of intelligence of the universe. I believe that there is a certain level of intelligence assigned to govern our galaxy, the Milky Way, and a higher level assigned to govern a group of galaxies, and the greatest of all intelligences is God who reigns over the whole universe.

I have developed, through practice, a method that appears to work better when one wants to present a case to higher levels of intelligence who govern our galaxy. The method is the following. At night, just before retiring, you enter the clairvoyant level and program yourself to awaken at the precise time when it is your turn to present your case. Stay at your level and go to sleep from your level.

When you wake up automatically, you are to re-enter your level and bow your head and then mentally explain everything you know about the project, taking for granted that some higher intelligence is listening. When presenting a case to High Intelligence it helps to imagine that High Intelligence is behind you up in the direction of the sky, which means about twenty degrees back from your vertical position. Besides explaining everything you know about the case, also explain what you think should be done. After you have done this, add mentally, "May the best thing happen for everybody concerned," and let the project go. Do not try to help solve it after that, because you end up with it again. You have transferred the case into better hands, so let it go.

I have observed, while working hundreds of cases, that I have gotten better results when I present the case with my head lowered as in prayer. To me, it seemed that if I did not lower my head, that I would not register my tries, and if I did not try to solve the problem on my own before asking for help, I would not get help.

When I tried, and tried again and could not solve the problem, then and only then would I be entitled to get help from High Intelligence, if I had registered my tries, that is, if I tried with my head lowered. If I tried to solve a case with my head straight up, it did not matter how many times I tried, when I asked for help, I would not get it. In straight forward language, it appears that we register on a meter our tries when we try with our head lowered and we would not register our tries with our head straight up. Then it seems that when we ask for help, some High Intelligence comes along and before helping the intelligence looks at the meter - if tries have not been registered, we don't get help.

It also appears that we develop a reputation as to whether we are dependable or not. When we sincerely desire to help and we always do our best, we seem to establish a reputation indicating that we are dependable. A dependable person who has established a reputation will get help without having to register his tries.

The lowering of the head when working cases, I call "aligning ourselves with the center of our galaxy." This is what I did and how I worked or presented the murder case on that Monday night.

That same night or early in the morning of the following day someone entered the office of one of the professors at the college. Investigators theorized it was to find answers to test questions. A detective was assigned to watch the building the next night to see if that individual would enter again. Sure enough the individual entered the same office again. When the detective tried to capture him, the suspect escaped on a bicycle, through the buildings and pathways. He had a car parked close by and when he reached his car he threw the bicycle in the trunk and fled in the car. Police cars were notified by radio and gave chase. They captured the fugitive on the edge of town.

This person had on him a master key that he used to enter the professor's office. The master key had belonged to the janitor woman who was murdered in the laboratory of the college. When he was questioned the suspect confessed to the murder and later he was convicted of the crime.

It took almost thirty-six hours after the case was presented to High Intelligence. The police investigators thought it had been a coincidence and we agreed. For us a "coincidence" is an act of God and we believe that we present the cases in this manner to a department of God. To this day the police believes that we had nothing to do in the case, that what happened was going to happen anyway, with or without us.

Our experience indicates that when we present cases in this manner, if we present the case correctly and if the case merits solution, it will always happen within 72 hours. High Intelligence chose to solve this case.

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