Psychic persuades a scientist

At about that time, a professor at Trinity University interested us in going to teach our method in San Antonio, Texas, where Trinity University is located. We accepted Dr. D.'s invitation, and he arranged for us to teach our method for the first time in San Antonio.

The training was conducted in a chapel on the Trinity University grounds. Dr. and Mrs. D took the training there. Dr. D was well known by sortie of our early supporters, Dr. A and Dr. B. At one point, Dr. D was interested in coming to work with us, but had a prior commitment with another organization and eventually went to work for them.

One day Dr. D came to Laredo to observe a demonstration by our clairvoyants. He brought with him the man who was to be his boss, a Mr. C, and his wife, Mrs. C. Our meeting place was the home of a wealthy graduate who resided on the Mexican side of the river in Nuevo Laredo.
I had invited five of our trained clairvoyants to participate in this meeting. Dr. D set up the project. He wanted the clairvoyants to be at a distance, but within sight at all times. They were to be at a distance so they could not hear what was being said, but within Dr. D's sight so that after one had worked the case, that one should not communicate with the others.

The persons present were the owners of the house, Mr. and Mrs. L, Mr. and Mrs. C, Dr. D, five clairvoyants and myself. When everything was ready, Dr. D motioned in the direction of the clairvoyants who were at the entrance end, the west end, of a very large, beautiful, rectangular room. Dr. D signaled that he wanted one clairvoyant to come over.

The clairvoyant did so, sat down and entered the clairvoyant level. Dr. D then said, "I want you to work a case for me." The clairvoyant answered, "I am ready." Then Dr. D said, "I will now give you the name of the person I want you to work on. The name is Mrs. D."

This caught me by surprise, that Dr. D was presenting his own wife as a project. I remembered her very well, because when she was going through our training she insisted on using her own method of going to her level, a method she had learned from some other discipline. Her method consisted of rotating her head all the time while going into and while staying at her level. This became very distracting for me to see, because everyone else was cooperating, using my System.

As Dr. D presented Mrs. D's name, who was then in San Antonio, he also said to the clairvoyant, "I want you to tell me the health condition my wife is in." Our clairvoyant, a female, started to move her hands as though Mrs. D was right in front of her.

Our clairvoyant started saying, "Mrs. D's head is all right. So are her lungs, her heart, her digestive system." Then our clairvoyant stopped and said; "Wait a minute, I sense a kidney problem." She went on to say that the tube coming from the kidney to the bladder was blocked and full of pus. Dr. D then asked our clairvoyant, "What caused the problem?" Our clairvoyant said, "A kidney stone blocked file entrance to the tube and that started the infection."

Then our clairvoyant asked Dr. D, "Do you want me to correct the problem?" Dr. D asked the clairvoyant, "How would you do that?" Our clairvoyant said, "By mentally crushing the stone and flushing the powdery substance and the pus from the tube into the bladder. From there it will be excreted through normal means."  Dr. D said, "No, leave it as it is."  I thought at the time that Dr. D wanted to test the other clairvoyants before making any corrections. Our clairvoyant, who was more than one hundred and fifty miles away from San Antonio where the patient was at that time, did not make any attempt to correct the problem.

Dr. D did not tell the clairvoyant whether she was right or wrong, but told her to go stand where he could continue to see her. He sent her to the extreme east end of the room, as far as he could get her from the other four clairvoyants on the west end of the room. Dr. D then motioned for the second clairvoyant to come and work the case.

The second clairvoyant found the same problem, as did the other three clairvoyants as their turn came to work the case. I expected Dr. D to tell the last clairvoyant to try to correct the problem, but he told each one, including the last one, to leave things as they were. That surprised me.
Up to that point, Dr. D was in charge, directing and talking with the clairvoyants while I remained silent. But after the last clairvoyant had finished, I said, "Stay at your level, do not come out. I want to talk to Dr. D" I then asked, Dr. D, "why don't you allow our clairvoyant to try to correct the problem?" and Dr. D answered, "Because my wife is already in the hospital and is going to be operated on early tomorrow morning."
I then asked if anyone else there had anything that they would like to have worked by our clairvoyants before coming out of level. I looked at Mr. C and he shook his head, "No." I looked at Mrs. C and she then told Mr. C about her son who had been injured, and Mr. C said, "All right." Mrs. C then presented her son's name to our clairvoyant.

Our clairvoyant then started to check out the son, and right away said, "His shoulder was hurt." I looked at Mrs. C and she nodded, "Yes." Then I said, "How did he hurt his shoulder?" The answer was, "Playing football." Mrs. C said, "Right." I then told our clairvoyant to apply healing and to come out of her level.

Amazing healing

That ended the project, but after Dr. D went to work for Mr. C and Dr. D was lecturing for Mr. C's organization, Dr. D, in a lecture that we have on tape, mentioned that particular project but changed the information to indicate that the clairvoyants did crush the kidney stones at a distance and that had caused a sludge that blocked the tube leading to the bladder and caused an infection and that his wife, Mrs. D, had to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery that saved Mrs. D's life.

Knowing this was not the case, we obtained Mrs. L's testimony as a witness to how it really happened, in case we ever need it in the future. We felt that Dr. D had changed his concepts about us since he went to work for Mr. C I believe that Dr. D was trying to imply that our work was dangerous, because in another lecture we have on tape, Dr. D was asked what he thought about Silva's work and Dr. D answered, "I would not give a child an atom bomb."

Later, I will relate other experiences in relation to Mr. C, the son of one of the world's most famous clairvoyants, and the organization he used to manage.

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