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If you want to succeed, then get into action

by Jose Silva

Success is not for the timid. It is for those who seek guidance, make decisions, and take decisive action.
Many people learn how to program very effectively, and often they are able to get those things that they program for. Yet they still find their lives limited and unfulfilled.
Other people are very creative, and come up with many excellent ideas, yet never seem to achieve very much, or make money from their ideas, or help anybody with those ideas.
You find all kinds of people. There are those who are excellent at research, at digging out the facts, yet they never determine what to do with those things that they learn.
Some people are so paralyzed by indecision that they literally become nervous wrecks.
To achieve success - and by success I mean whatever you determine success to be for you-- you must take appropriate action, for wishing does not make it so. Proper programming, coupled with appropriate action, makes things happen.

How to Proceed

Let's take it step by step.
First, seek guidance. You do this by entering your level, functioning in the subjective dimension where prayers are effective, where you can make contact with high intelligence. Consider your qualifications, what you like, the things you are good at. Then ask what you should do to serve, how you can help the Creator. Be aware of your strong points, but do not limit yourself; expect creative guidance.
Then clear your mind; expect an answer. Some people spend all their time asking and talking. You must be a good listener. The guidance will come. Then you are ready for the second step.
Second, you decide how to fulfill your purpose in life. This involves both time at level, and action in the physical world. You must program for success, and you must also start doing something.
Some people want to wait until they are perfect before they are ready to fulfill their missions. This is a mistake. If you were perfect, you would not be here in this classroom called Earth. This is our training ground on-the-job training.
It is very important to learn all you can while you are here. And it is important to love, and to express your love, to other humans on this planet. Learning how to interact better in relationships with other humans is something very important while we are here.
We have a choice about our relationships with others. We can compete, or we can cooperate. Throughout the world, many people are competing often with guns and bombs. It is important that we change this, and help bring peace to our planet.

(This was written in 1984.)

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