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Build success on a ladder of previous successes

by Jose Silva

Go to alpha when you have succeeded, go to alpha and strengthen the feeling of success, when you succeeded, the way you succeeded.

Go over whatever you did when you were successful to reinforce it. That's a good foundation to keep on succeeding. We used to say, you reach success with a ladder of failures, to reach your next success. That's wrong.

We reach greater successes with a ladder of lesser successes. But always, your foundation should be success. But not failure.So reinforce your successes to make them appear more frequently and stronger from there on. Better, as you get. But reinforce at alpha, your experiences of having succeeded.

Nobody will know the feeling of success until they succeed. There is no way to explain to anybody how it feels to succeed. It is a very unusual feeling, when you succeed.
Wisdom is the accumulation of feelings of success. That's wisdom: Accumulation of feelings of success. Then, that's wisdom.

(Transcribed from a lecture in 1995)

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