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Intuition is a powerful tool to help you correct problems

by Jose Silva

Problem solving: It seems as though this is the only thing that we are on this planet for, to solve problems, and nothing else. All kinds of problems.
They say that problem solving makes for success.
How successful you are is how many problems you've solved.
Everything ... is problem solving.
And now because of this knowledge, that human intelligence can read, or sense, detect, information on other brains, wherever they are, the accumulation of knowledge, enhancement of wisdom, sensing other's experiences, makes you a superior problem solving agent.
All kinds of problems.
Now of course the easiest information detected on any neuron, or brain cells, is information that has been impressed very strongly. If we have a weak impression, that will be more difficult to detect. We need to be more proficient in detecting on neurons, or brain cells.
The stronger the impression on brain cells, the easier it is to detect that information.
Distance is no barrier. The kind of problem involved is a barrier, depending on how strong the impression of such a problem. And usually the information that's strongly impressed on brain cells is that information that is about stronger problems, and stronger means: The more value in the problem. The more serious the nature of the problem, the stronger the impression. The more enthusiastic the person is about anything, the stronger the impression.
So an emotional involvement, we are saying: That is a factor. It will be a measure of how strong the impression. The more emotional the person, the stronger the impression. People become emotional about problems. People become emotional about great things. So everything that's of importance, you can rest...and be assured...it has been impressed very strongly because of its emotional involvement.
Minor things, things of very little value, are very faintly impressed, making it more difficult to detect this information. So the information that we use to detect it we say, is information of value, that has been strongly impressed because of emotional involvement. This is important of course for problem solving.
This is the information we need to solve problems with. Information that's necessary, that's valuable. Either because it was impressed for the survival type of response, the fight or flight type of response, which is strong emotional, or the enthusiastic type of discovery type of response that makes for development of problems.
So problem solving...tremendous.

(This is transcribed from a tape recording of Mr. Silva during an instructor training session in 1969)