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Silva offered millions of dollars worth of research... and the U.S. government turned it down!

(This is from a letter that Jose Silva wrote to Silva instructors in 1995, after it was revealed that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency had spent an estimated $11 million to possibly as much as $30 million investigating and training psychics to gather military intelligence.)

by Jose Silva

What do you think the United States government thinks of psychic ability?
The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was willing to spend $11 million (some say it was actually $20 million) to see if psychics could help in the espionage game.
We could have told them that 30 years ago. As a matter of fact, we did!
On August 11, 1965, my birthday, I decided to give the U.S. government a gift worth millions of dollars.
I wrote a letter to President Lyndon Johnson offering to give the government all of my research, free of charge.
I had invested more than $500,000 of my own money and time, so it was not exactly a small gift that I was offering.
At least they were polite enough to answer me. But they gave the wrong answer!
"There is much yet to be learned about the activities of the human mind," the letter from Randal M. Robertson, Associate Director of the National Science Foundation said, "and there are many unsettled questions about hypnosis and about paranormal activities. There does not seem to be any specific need at present for the assistance you have offered."
Can you imagine, if President Johnson had known how to use his mind to get more information and make better decisions, he might have been able to prevent the deaths of so many human beings in Vietnam, and might not have had to give up the Presidency and return home a broken man who died shortly after.
The government might not have seen a need way back then, but the public did. People at the grass roots level have embraced our training. Today it is being taught in 103 countries and territories around the world, in 29 different languages. We have more than 1,000 instructors carrying the work forward.
And graduates in every language say, "Thank you for showing me how to change my life for the better."
The CIA and the Pentagon got good results for their millions of dollars. Some reports say the psychics were correct 15 percent of the time, well above chance levels.
On Larry King Live one of the people involved in the project said that in one instance the psychics located all 12 submarines that they were asked to find.
As you know, Silva graduates are often 100 percent accurate on the cases they work. But not always. Their overall accuracy is about 80 percent, much better than the CIA's remote viewers.
Instead of spending $11 million, they should pay us a few hundred dollars each to train their own staff people to use their clairvoyant ability. They are the experts in their own field, and they could do amazing work...if they would.
Regardless of what the government does, we'll continue with our own work.
In this field, our track record is much better than the government's!
Remote viewing is just one of the many techniques taught in our system. We are leading the way into the second phase of human evolution on this planet.

The Second Phase of human evolution

What do I mean when I say, The second phase of human evolution of this planet?
Everything indicates that we have completed the first phase; it is apparent we have advanced as far as we are going to advance objectively.
We have mastered space, the sea, the plants and animals...the earth itself.
What we have not mastered is our own human nature. We are using our human abilities incorrectly and causing terrible damage to our world and its inhabitants.
Research indicates that we have been created to take care of the planet at this dimension. This means we should protect and supervise its development.
This is a huge responsibility. Yet we humans are still fighting each other and destroying more than we are creating. Many want to gain at someone else's expense. Others are becoming millionaires while poisoning the planet's air and water.
We mature adults are causing the problem.
The only logical answer is that most humans are not yet fully developed. They do not know how to use their right brain hemisphere to think with and to obtain information that they can use to make better decisions and correct problems.
There are thousands of seminars to help develop the left brain hemisphere - from motivational seminars to winning friends and influencing people to computer sciences and on to the "challenge" courses like mountain climbing, high ropes courses, fire walking and more.
All of those left brain courses, for the physical senses, are fine, but what about the subjective, intuitive right brain hemisphere?
This is where we come in.
We now have a system to train humans to develop the subjective, intuitive right brain hemisphere.
We must develop the right brain hemisphere, as we have already developed the left hemisphere, if we are to have any hope of correcting the problems on our planet.
It will be like being born again. Following our biological birth, we have spent our lifetime developing our left brain hemisphere and our physical (biological) senses.
Now it is time to start anew and develop our right brain hemisphere and our spiritual senses.
Then we will think with the right and act with the left. We will function in a balanced manner, as nature intended, and we will find solutions for the problems that are killing us and our planet.

There are three main areas we need to concentrate in at this time:
1. Health
2. Family relations
3. Business

This applies to everyone, regardless of race, religion, creed, or national origin.
All indications indicate that humans have reached the saturation point in left brain development. An indicator of this is that many "developed nations" now have run out of reserves, are faced with increasing debts, with future generations facing the prospects of a lower quality of life.
Learning to use the infinite capacity of the right brain to solve problems is what we call the second phase of human evolution on the planet.
This will help us to know one another better. It will help us to get all that we need for ourselves without taking anything from anyone else, without hurting anybody. It will end the desire to fight and kill one another. It will convert our planet into a paradise.
Thank you for the work you are doing to help us move in this direction. Keep training people. Remember that we can train a group of people to specialize in medicine, business, electronics, agriculture, industry, and in every other field. Call on us for any help that you need. Thank you.